About The BodyLab Crossfit

BodyLab is about performance. We want the result and we know how to get it. Our methods are based on science and how the human body is engineered. It’s unbeatable and irrefutable. You just can’t argue with it. Every single person who trains with us is in “the best shape of their life” for a reason—nothing is left up to you. We tell you when to eat, what to eat, when to pound out a rep and when to breath. Our clients work HARD, our team teaches you how. We instruct you on correct crossfit technique resulting in an 80% gain in fitness in the first 30 days—no matter what your fitness level. By fixing your movements, we get you operating more efficiently to maximize your ability. Ever reached your genetic potential?

There are 2 reasons you aren’t at your genetic potential:

You don’t know how to do it
You don’t have the accountability

BodyLab Crossfit clients do not fail. We don’t let them. We are your trainer, nutritionist and accountability partner all in one. Unlike other gyms, who are with you only for your scheduled appointment, we are with you all day long…every day…like it or not.


Training is about ability. Nutrition is about physique.

  • Training

    — While we use the CrossFit method as a staple in our programming, we also use a broad variety of training techniques. We are a one stop shop for fitness. Our goal is to teach you something new every time you come – olympic lifting, power lifting, track and field, aquatics. We prepare you to be ready so you don’t have to get ready.

  • Nutrition Class

    —What you feed your body is the foundation of what you will become. This very second, you are the product of every single thing you put into your mouth. Eat for what you want your body to look like. Performance Nutrition has a phase for whatever goal you may have—we can take 20lbs off you in a month or put 20 lbs. on you.

  • Foundation/Nutrition Class

    This class is a priceless education on how your body works. We discuss why BodyLab programming is so efficient when used with Performance Nutrition.

    H-E-B Shopping Trips–Weekly grocery shopping trips are a great way to gain hands-on experience after our Foundation/Nutrition class.

Q.What Makes Body Lab different than other Crossfit Gyms?

A. Philosophy and Experience

Why don‘t you have chalk buckets? Why don’t the trainers wear gloves?

We don’t think anyone should train with chalk instead they should learn to grip the bar and take care of their hands. Our trainers train without the aid of chalk or gloves and haven’t ripped any hands in many years. The guys who whine about not having chalk also tend to be the same guys who constantly under perform because they are always worried about everything but the workout. Chalk buckets also become a built in excuse to rest during a workout. Gloves are ok if your job requires smooth hands or you already have a rip.

Why don’t you talk up the The Level 1 Trainer Certificate (CF-L1)

Your right, we don’t put up the fact we have attended a 2 day course. Being a trainer at the Body Lab takes more than a 2 day course, and we’re not out to try to over inflate ourselves to the general public or rest our laurels on a simple 2 day course. If your new to crossfit, every gym looks the same, and its almost impossible to know a good gym from a bad one.

Simple tips to compare compare crossfit gyms: