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Change Your Talk!

One of the biggest barriers that one will find towards achieving any goal, is how they set themselves up to succeed or fail.  We live in a society where it seems we set ourselves up to fail far more than we set ourselves up to succeed. One of the best methods to set yourself up […]

Circle of Influence…Control What You Control

If you have read Steven Covey’s 7 Habits book, then you know about the circle of influence and you know about the circle of concern.  In a short snippet, the circle of influence are those things that you have direct control over.  In the book it would be things like your clients, your family, your […]

What does a BodyLab Athlete look like?

We recently put a post up on Facebook from one of our Clean and Jerk Days.  As I flip through the pictures of all the people that train with us, I am reminded of how much fun it is to train athletes that are diverse. The athletes that train with us are not all headed […]

Our Job and Your Job

One of the tricks that we all must accept as coaches is that our goal is to help you reach your goals.  We are here to make sure that you are progressing adequately and that you are seeing the results that you want.  We are here to offer tips, advice, and training protocols to help […]

Welcome Back!

Since we are located in a college town, our year begins for the most part in September.  It seems as good a time as any to use this opportunity to pull back the curtain a little and let anyone who is interested know what it is like for someone to start their training with us […]

Embrace the Struggle…

Last Friday, the workout of the day was the following:   This was meant to be a challenge and not an “easy” three rounds.  Did you embrace the struggle?  Did you step up to the bar that is to challenge yourself to do more than what you knew you could? This workout is designed to […]

Control What You Can!

I just got back from vacation.  It was a much needed break from everything.  As I was driving back, my mind wandered…9.5 hours in a car will do that to you.  I thought about many things, but one of the prevailing themes on the return drive was that: We do not control success…all we control […]

Make Your Training a Priority

There is a saying out there that goes: If you want something done, give it to a busy person There is a lot of truth to that.  What it simply means, is that busy people know how to manage their schedule.  Busy people are always working on something…good or bad. But many of us, live […]

Break Out of a Rut!

Every once in a while, you will find yourself in a training rut.  You won’t want to get up in the morning or workout in the afternoon.  It might be hot, rainy, or completely not related to the weather at all.  It might just be a feeling you have that says, stay home.  How do […]

Smaller Circles and Making Decisions…

We all have goals.  We all have things that we want to accomplish.  And if we are honest with ourselves, we all know what has to be done in order to achieve those goals. If your goals involve looking a certain way, then more than likely you know that you need to adjust your diet. […]