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Mix It Up…It Makes You Better

One of the most common questions we hear at the lab deal with training cycles and progressions.  That is to say that people want to know a little about how we do strength training combined with metabolic conditioning.  The truth of the matter is that we do follow cycles of strength and conditioning as any […]

Frustration or Learning Opportunity?

Yesterday, I got to jump in with a class and do the workout with them.  It fit with my training schedule and was a nice diversion.  The goal of the day was to work on the power clean and hang power clean.  1 couplet every minute for twenty minutes.  Adding weight periodically as you felt […]

We All Need Reminders!

I am getting over being sick, so this one hits home for me.  I have a cough, I buy cough syrup.  My throat hurts, I get something for that.  My head hurts, I take tylenol or ibuprofen.  The list goes on and on and on.  So does that size of my bill to keep the […]

What’s In Your Gym Bag?

Let’s get a little practical today with some information for you.  Many people wonder what equipment they should have.  This has become more and more of a pressing question as CrossFit has grown and developed.  When CrossFit was in its infancy, there was nothing that you had to have in your bag.  You showed up […]

Why Do We Have to Do Gymnastics…It’s Thursday!

It happens almost every week…Thursday rolls around and some people get excited and others dread it. You would think that magically Thursday became another Monday in the week. That’s right, it is gymnastics centric training day. Why is this day important? Why even have it? Why can’t we all just lift heavy things every day? […]


Alright, everyone should have a training journal…I want you to take it out and find a blank sheet of paper in it.  On that top of that page, simply write the word “Recovery”.  That’s it.  Now take ten to fifteen minutes and write down what your recovery protocol actually is.  Then we will move on. […]

It’s Bigger than Cross…Fit!

Everyone out there is looking for something.  They want a community of people that are sharing the same struggles.  They are looking for a challenge and they are looking for the power and belief that they can conquer those obstacles.  We all want to be a part of something that is bigger than we are. […]

Becoming the Master…

In the last article in the Coaches Corner, we posed the question “What Do You Want?”.  We asked you to think about what you want to achieve and what you are willing to give up to achieve it.  In this installment, we will look at what it takes to become a master of anything.  This […]

What Do You Want?

It has already been a busy year.  We are wrapping up the Open, wrapping up the Frozen Chosen and are hopefully out of the cold and into Spring (we will not discuss the rain at this time…let’s try and stay positive).  We are moving out of one season and into another. At home, many of […]

Thoughts on the CrossFit Open

The open is almost over.  It is that final week and we have one more workout to be revealed on Thursday.  If history is any indicator be ready for Thrusters and burpees and it won’t be an AMRAP. Some of us have enjoyed the workouts, some of us have cussed them and felt they were […]