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Success – The Not So Big Secret to CrossFit Success

Everybody wants a magic pill.  Everyone wants to believe that out there is a miracle program that brings miracle results. This program does not work, so what I am offering today is the simplest keys to guaranteed success. First show up.  Make it a habit to show up to the gym or wherever you are […]

Preparing Kids For Success

At the BodyLab we want to help your kids start or continue on a path to success and a healthy lifestyle.  That is our goal first and foremost.  But we also want to develop them in different ways as well.  Part of what we enjoy about bringing into the kids class is developing their mindset. […]


So, in light of the Frozen Chosen upon us again, I’m going to drop a little knowledge on you to help meet your goals for the challenge. One of the biggest questions I get is what carbs to eat at a meal, mainly “can I eat this?” or “what will happen if I eat this?” […]

What Do You Want?

What do you want?  I am serious.  What do you want out of your training program?  Are you looking for gains in strength?  Are you looking to lean up for Spring Break and the summer?  What do you want the most?  and the BIGGER question, what are you really willing to do in order to […]

The Battles are Real and We Want to Help

From Coach Greg: We recently kicked off our annual Frozen Chosen.  It is in the first week, a week we call detox week.  It is a time to evaluate where we are all at and where we want to be.  It is a chance to start moving in that direction, but we all know that […]

Step Back…Breathe…Refocus

Coach Greg here with this little BodyLab CrossFit service announcement… It’s ok to step back.  In life, in lifting, in anything.  It is ok to stop when something does not feel right and evaluate just exactly what is going on.  Our lives our built up of millions and millions of moments in time.  Some of […]

What If I Mess Up – Life and Lifting

What happens if you mess up?  What happens if your lift is off or you don’t get your chin over the bar on that pull-up?  What happens if I mess up in my job? What happens if…? Think about it.  I mean really think about it.  What happens if you mess up? Hopefully, one thing […]

Monday Recipe – Chopped Broccoli Salad

This is another simple recipe that will take care of your carbs and fats easily.  All you need to do is add some chicken or fish and you have a nice and easy blocked out meal.  Enjoy! ***This is one that cannot really be messed up, since all you do is throw all the ingredients […]

Come as You Are

      One of the things that we often hear as people are exploring the world of CrossFit or just training in general is that, I have to be in shape before I try that. We are hear to tell you, that helping you get into shape, is what we do.  It is what […]