Break Out of a Rut!

Every once in a while, you will find yourself in a training rut.  You won’t want to get up in the morning or workout in the afternoon.  It might be hot, rainy, or completely not related to the weather at all.  It might just be a feeling you have that says, stay home.  How do you break out of these ruts?  How do you set yourself back on a track that is excited about fitness.

Try changing it up!  A lot of times we get bored.  A lot of times, we see the same patterns and elements in our workouts and just stop really wanting to do those things.  So find a different way to get the same response…increase the difficulty level a little bit.

How do we do that?

For one, step away from the barbell for one workout and try doing kettlebell presses or kettlebell snatches.  Grab a sandbag for those thrusters that you hate.  Add in one of your favorite movements to your warmup prep work (Turkish Getup Anyone?)

I am not going to lie, for some elements you just have to put in the work and suck it up if you want to consistently gain and grow, but other times, you can have that day where you allow yourself to find something new to enjoy.  Call up your coach and ask for one private session and do something different.  Focus on a skill you really want to get better at.  Work with that coach at a different pace and laugh while you train.

Try a workout from DBWod, or gymnasticWOD.  But find something that allows you to have some fun while still meeting your goals.  Give yourself, as bad as it sounds, a cheat workout.  One that you just enjoy doing because you are going through that rut.  It is better to do that, then to sit it out.

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