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In addition to our regular CrossFit classes we offer several specialty courses.  They include:


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This class centers on making fitness fun for the whole family.  The kids will work with Coach Greg and his team.  This class is 30 minutes long and times vary depending on age.  Our younger CrossFitters will spend their time completing obstacles, learning basic bodyweight and gymnastic movements and end each class with a game of sorts.  They will get to do what mommy and daddy do and have fun with other kids.

Our older group will be introduced to more advanced movements, but with minimal load involved.  The focus in all the classes is to set healthy standards and push them physically.


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This is a class designed and run by Coach Harvey.   It is a great opportunity for anyone that wants a safe environment to learn our methods.  It meets 3 times a week and offers a unique set of programming and opportunities to develop in CrossFit.


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This is a separate strength focused class that meets twice a week.  The goal here…get stronger!  This class is designed by Coach Harvey to help you grow in strength using traditional lifts as well as strongman elements.  Not for those wishing to remain weak!


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*Coming soon* This class will focus on developing your skills in basic gymnastic skills.  This will include ways to help you accomplish your pull-ups and muscle-ups as well as developing skills to help you grow in strength without needing access to tons of equipment.  We will work with the rings, paralletes and the pull-up bars in addition to just working with our bodies to gain the necessary core strength.


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Interested in coaching…contact us to discuss your options.