Come as You Are





One of the things that we often hear as people are exploring the world of CrossFit or just training in general is that, I have to be in shape before I try that.

We are hear to tell you, that helping you get into shape, is what we do.  It is what we are passionate about and it is a process that we know all to well.

We ask you to do one thing and that is to come as you are.

We are pretty good at getting results.  We know how to integrate you into our classes in a manner that is not intimidating or stressful.  It is something that we pride ourselves on.  We desire to build the strongest support network that you can have on a day in and day out basis.

We want you to be a part of our community and learn how empowering feeling strong can be.  We want you to know how being able to tackle a hard workout in the gym makes dealing with the stress of day-to-day life more manageable.  We want you to be addicted to your own successes and write your own success story.

That story will not be written unless you come as you are.  You have to trust us to do our jobs.  That is why we give you a week to try us and see how we operate.  From your first fitness test to a memorial day murph at the lake…you will be writing a story that is unique to you and empowering.

Studies have shown that physical well-being aids in mental well-being.  It helps with memory and ability to focus.  It just helps you feel better and who doesn’t want to feel better.

All we are asking for is a week of your time…come as you are!

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