Continuing Education

I was put into amazement about two weeks ago when my wife and I had a discussion about dealing with others who try to discredit Crossfit. I couldn’t help but smile when she became flustered with the reactions of others and how biased their views were towards the sport.  The discussion was sparked from a comment made by her co-worker upon seeing the Crossfit Games events and stating “just watched one crew of girls going through some sort of crossfit competition on TV, someone needs to show these girls proper form….you call those pull ups?”  She told me later that he hates Crossfit with a passion.  I just smiled as she went on a rant that I have done so many times myself when trying to defend the idea that is Crossfit.  Skip forward about two weeks.  I just watched a video of Rippetoe vs. Berger debating the safety of Crossfit.  I chuckled as I heard the same defensive statements I have made trying to defend the name, but began nodding to great points brought up by Rippetoe throughout the discussion.  One of which was programming.  As most experienced athletes would agree, the main website has thrown up some weird workouts, some that don’t even fit the “constantly varied” theme.  No, I am not jumping on the “Crossfit is bad” bandwagon.

The purpose of this blog is to emphasis the need to continually educate yourself in terms of training.  In case some haven’t noticed, fitness isn’t a cookie cutter recipe for fitness.  People react differently to different training methodologies (not to mention have different goals in terms of fitness).  I, unfortunately, was against Crossfit in the beginning.  That is until I began to educate myself and realize the benefit that Crossfit brings.  Even now, I continue to further educate myself, mainly to coach others, but also grow as an athlete.  Don’t fall into the trap that “this is the only way” mentality and accepting things a face value.  Your fitness is yours to raise.  Help it grow.