CrossFit is Intense, are You?

I recently have been working on learning constantly.  I have taken to listening to podcasts in my car instead of the radio.  I do miss some of the morning talk personalities, but it gets me moving and motivated for my day.  I hear people talk with passion about what they do and how they are doing it, and I am ready to attack the day with vigor.  I find myself frustrated with complacency and laziness.  It pushes me to want more out of myself and those around me.  So it is a fantastic transition.

Yesterday as I was listening to an interview with Tommy Hackenbruck and he was posed the question, “How do you handle that person that says they need harder workouts.”  His response was “I tell them to hop on the rower for an hour.”  And most of the time they say no.  He then said that he was only joking, but rather that the truth for most people that say they need harder workouts don’t.  He said that the truth in this situation is this (let this sink in):

“You don’t need a harder workout, you need to do your workout harder!”

BAM!  There it is.  What is your intensity level like during your workout.  The key to your success is not always to put in more work or harder work, but is to get the most out of each and every workout you do.  What if that seven minute AMRAP is all that you had in your day to finish a workout.  That’s it…nothing more!  What if there was no open gym, unlimited classes, but all you had was a 5 minute AMRAP? Do you go as hard as you possibly can and give it 100%.

Do you take that approach to the rest of your life?  What if you had to?

What if you only were given 12 minutes to get your kids ready for school in the morning…been there, done that.  You kick it up a notch and everything gets done.

What if you were only given 5 minutes to answer an many emails as you could?  You would attack them and give an efficient response, wouldn’t you?

20 Minutes to clean that house, who hasn’t done with before company arrives?

So I ask, are you pushing yourself as hard as you can in the time that you have?  Are you willing to push yourself just a little bit harder to see what you are capable of?

CrossFit is intense, are you?