Embrace the Struggle…

Last Friday, the workout of the day was the following:



This was meant to be a challenge and not an “easy” three rounds.  Did you embrace the struggle?  Did you step up to the bar that is to challenge yourself to do more than what you knew you could?

This workout is designed to challenge you across both physical and mental boundaries.  It is meant to push you into that territory where we have to silence the critic that is our mind and push through.  When picking the weight to complete in this workout, you should have picked something that allowed rounds one and two to be hard and failure should have been a very real option on round three.

I commend all that people that had to start at least 4 rounds of this workout in order to finish three.  I watched with pride as people refused to drop weight but chose to attempt the challenge several times before succeeding.  They embraced the struggle and the fight.

Do you embrace the struggle that is present in every workout?  Do you play it safe?  Do you challenge yourself to move correctly and complete every rep or is finishing first what matters?

This week, commit to embracing the struggle…commit to accepting nothing less than your best!