It’s Bigger than Cross…Fit!

Everyone out there is looking for something.  They want a community of people that are sharing the same struggles.  They are looking for a challenge and they are looking for the power and belief that they can conquer those obstacles.  We all want to be a part of something that is bigger than we are.  We search for that place and somehow, many of us have found that with CrossFit.

But what we want is bigger than CrossFit.  It is bigger than Fran times and Cindy rounds.  What we want is to be the best version of ourselves.  If we really want that, then we have to be willing to compare ourselves to the person staring us back in the mirror everyday.  Are we ready and willing to stop worrying about how everyone else did on a workout or what weight they used and scrutinize ourselves.

Are we willing to stop with excuses and the blame game about our own performance and admit that maybe we just have weaknesses.  Maybe we weren’t feeling our best.  But who we want to become is bigger than CrossFit and it is bigger than the scores we keep.

It is ultimately about me and you.  It is about a coach and an athlete and finding the path for them to get the results that they want.  It is about recognizing where each of us can get better.  It is about me being a better coach and hearing your wants and needs better.  It is about me not holding back the truths that you need to hear.

It is also about you hearing those truths.  Yes, you have trained here for a year or two, but there are still things to learn.  It is about us growing together into a stronger unit than we could be on our own.  It’s about getting better and periodically checking in on the basics.  How is your pushup, your situp and your squat?  When’t the last time you ran a mile or two?  How about some sprints?

I want to help you along your path.  It really is that simple.  I want to guide you down the road…it’s going to take time, it’s going to take effort and you will have to do some things that you do not like to do.  Some days you will feel like I asked you to run into a brick wall…and others you will wonder if you did enough.  We will be patient and let the results speak for themselves.

Your success will be mine…it’s a journey!  Time to get serious about it!