I’ve Been There…CrossFit and Coach Greg

We have seen a lot of new faces around the lab these days, and I wanted to take a minute and share my story.  The simplest way to describe my story is “I’ve Been There”.

I started CrossFit on the training bar with tires on the bar.

I could’t do a double under…singles were alright

I hated running…hated burpees and my 10 factorial time was horrendous

I didn’t know how to kip, butterfly or perform more than one strict pullup

I threw up on several occasions

I wanted to quit CrossFit

But the people around me wouldn’t let me stop.

They wanted to know where I was and when I would be back

So I kept coming back.

It took me almost 2 years to get a muscle-up.

It took me another year to feel confident in my lever.

I spent a year interning to be a coach.

I can now do 200 consecutive double unders.

I can deadlift over 300#, clean over 200# and snatch my body weight.

I can walk on my hands and love handstand pushups


But more than any of my accomplishments and progress, I love coaching.  I love helping you reach your goals and getting where you want to be.  But remember, it takes time.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a huge process.  I know it’s hard at times…I’ve been there!