Make Your Training a Priority

There is a saying out there that goes:

If you want something done, give it to a busy person

There is a lot of truth to that.  What it simply means, is that busy people know how to manage their schedule.  Busy people are always working on something…good or bad.

But many of us, live on the excuse that I am just too busy to workout.

So I say, that you must make your workout a priority in your day.  It has to be an important thing.  I say this, not because I want you in the gym, but rather working out is one of the top 5 things that successful people do.  It is also important because it aides in brain function throughout the day and helps us stay on our toes and alert throughout the day.

This isn’t just about looking good in your swimsuit, but seeing as how it is summer, it helps.  Getting your workout in or physical activity in general will lead to better sleep and more productivity during the day.  So we wanted to give you a couple tips on how to make your workout your priority.

1) Put it on your calendar – Make an appointment with yourself, just as you would a doctor, the dentist or your child’s teacher…then show up for that appointment.  Even if you train before or after work hours, make an appointment with yourself.

2) Get Accountability – If you do suggestion #1, take time to share the appointment with someone else you work out with.  Seriously, share that appointment with someone else.  It will build accountability in for both of you.

3)  Show up – no matter how you feel, walk in the door and start warming up.  Our bodies and minds are used to environments.  Once you enter the gym, your body will adapt and get ready for what you are about to do.  Don’t just drive by.  Show up and just get started.  If that doesn’t shake whatever you are feeling, then you have every right to take the day off…but first try.  Do something small.

These 3 items will work together for a couple reasons.  The first and that we are generally wired to either prioritize our individual calendars or we will prioritize the fact that someone else is depending on us.  Suggestions one and two mean that no matter what you prioritize, they are both covered.  You have an appointment on your calendar that no one can steal from you and you have an appointment on someone else’s so that you cannot schedule on top of it.  Depending on your personality…you are responsible to the parties that will help make you successful.

Item 3, just tell you to show up.  Don’t buy into your own excuses and the voices that keep you from getting better everyday.