What If I Mess Up – Life and Lifting


What happens if you mess up?  What happens if your lift is off or you don’t get your chin over the bar on that pull-up?  What happens if I mess up in my job?

What happens if…?

Think about it.  I mean really think about it.  What happens if you mess up?

Hopefully, one thing always happens when you mess up…you learn.

When we mess up, we must put ourselves in a position to learn from those mistakes.  Is there a risk of injury, yep.  I cannot tell a lie.  When we mess up, there is a chance that we will get hurt.  Our hope as trainers and coaches is to minimize that risk, but we cannot eliminate it.  There is no way to eliminate risk unless we do nothing (and even that is debatable).  That is no way to remove risk from our lives and from our desire to get better at life and lifting.

So we must take a few risks and that means being willing to mess up and learn.  We must remove our blinders that perfection is a real thing that can be achieved.  There is always room to grow and for improvement, but we have to be open to messing up.  That can be something as simple as not getting our elbows through on a clean, needing to get faster at pulling ourselves below the bar or bing perfect in our jobs.

The quest for perfection leads us to stay safe and not take a chance.  Safe does not equal perfection.  Safe equals stagnant and not growing.  It means that we don’t have to adapt to anything.  Our body does not have a new stress on it and so it stays the same.  If we never put more weight on the bar, then how can we expect to get stronger.  If we never try a pullup without a band then how do we know if we are getting better.

So what happens if you mess up?  Truthfully, hopefully you learn about yourself and you get better and you find a new motivation.