Mix It Up…It Makes You Better

One of the most common questions we hear at the lab deal with training cycles and progressions.  That is to say that people want to know a little about how we do strength training combined with metabolic conditioning.  The truth of the matter is that we do follow cycles of strength and conditioning as any good program should, but it is within these cycles that we break out a little bit.

We do not always put a barbell in your hands to make you stronger.  Sometimes we put a sandbag in your hands.  Other times, we will put you on some Atlas stones and introduce you to the world of strongman training.  We work hard to introduce odd objects into your training because that is what you deal with in real life.

Life is not always neat and balanced.  You do not always get the luxury of everything being perfect and you have to learn to deal with these ups and downs.  You have to deal with the fact that, for most of us, one side of our body is stronger and one side is weaker.  So we lift objects that force us to deal with those discrepancies.

As I have worked more and more with different people and different groups, you find that the variety that we offer in our training models is something that always keeps you fresh and new.  We take pride in the truth that we do not want you to be a great CrossFitter, but rather we want you to be great at whatever life throws at you and whatever you want to do with the rest of your life.

So we make you lift sandbags that only weigh 70 pounds but feel like 170 because it is odd.  We ask you to run an obstacle course because life does not always come at us on a perfect track.  We push prowlers, pull sleds carry yokes.  We attack far more than a barbell and a pull-up rig because for most of us, life really isn’t that simple.

So I welcome all our new faces to the lab, and encourage everyone to embrace their inner strongman!