Movement List and Thoughts

We have just a few spots remaining in this years shootout, so get your team together and get signed up.  As a way to help you prepare, here are a few thoughts on this competition.

Everything is about having a solid, well-rounded team.  In addition to that, each event will have a element that everyone can do no matter what their skill level.  That is why this particular event does not have a scaled division.  Each event promotes and encourages team work.

We will utilize max lifts, max holds, and max reps over time during this event.  Strategy will be on display as the day gets closer and closer.

This year, the movement list will include the following:

-clean (any weight)
-kb swing (53/35)
-atlas stone lift (40-225lbs)
-plank hold
-handstand hold
-rope climb (1 person)

So who should sign up to compete…anyone who likes training like Rocky (Outdoors, using whatever you have at hand!)

Register At the above link!