Preparing Kids For Success

At the BodyLab we want to help your kids start or continue on a path to success and a healthy lifestyle.  That is our goal first and foremost.  But we also want to develop them in different ways as well.  Part of what we enjoy about bringing into the kids class is developing their mindset.  We want to push them and teach them many ways to lead a healthier, hopefully better, life.

It is for this reason that most of our classes we utilize our older kids to lead our warm-up and stretches.  Who leads varies, but they are given some freedom to help choose the movements that we will use.  Then we will utilize a different one of our kids to help demonstrate the movements that we are going to do that day.  We do this for several reasons.  First and foremost we want people to lead and be excited about leading.

But they also have to be able to take some correction (as they get older).  So we bring them out and help them find the best position.  We also want them to understand that there is a standard that we want.  There are standards in the world and levels of virtuosity that we desire your kids to attain.

From there, we go into our traditional workouts.  We venture more to the gymnastics side of things because we want better movements and core strength.  Gymnastics gives us these things first and foremost.  As our kids develop this, then we can start to introduce load (within reason).  Working with kids, is similar to working with adults, in that if one cannot move correctly, then we have to correct that before you should be touching a barbell.

And we try to do all of these things around the avenue of fun.  Of course, some days, the coaches idea of fun is different than a kids idea of fun.  This is reality.  But we try.

We want to change our community for the better.  We want to change not just their physical abilities, but their mental abilities as well.  We want to and will push them, but this is so that they grow in understanding of what they are capable of doing.  We want all of our BodyLab Kids to not be afraid of obstacles or challenges.