Alright, everyone should have a training journal…I want you to take it out and find a blank sheet of paper in it.  On that top of that page, simply write the word “Recovery”.  That’s it.  Now take ten to fifteen minutes and write down what your recovery protocol actually is.  Then we will move on.  Does your paper look something like this?



For many it will and it does.  For many we forget that our recovery program is just as important as the weight we are putting on the bar.  What are the important pieces of your recovery protocol?

They should consist of the following items as a minimum:

  1. Mobility Work
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep

Those are the bare minimum of things that you need to be exploring when you begin to diagnose why your workouts seem to be slipping as you go through the week.  Are you taking care of yourself by getting adequate mobility work done?  Even a basic (read: the same everyday) set of stretches for your problem areas is better than nothing.

The second piece…what are you eating post workout, pre-workout?  Are you even eating?  The body needs to replenish all the lost glycogen in the muscles.  It needs protein to repair the micro-tears we put into muscles through working out and it needs fats to facilitate the process.  If all you are doing in slamming a protein shake, you are leaving some key components to your recovery on the table.

And finally, are you sleeping enough hours to focus during your day and your training sessions?  Are you giving yourself at least one rest day during the week.  Are you allowing yourself to not be a hero everyday and recover.

In addition to these things there are other areas of life that can inhibit your recovery.  The biggest of these is stress.

What stops you from having a solid recovery program?  Can you make the changes necessary to see better results?  Need help figuring it out…that’s what we do.

Drop us a line and we will set up a plan to help you out!