Secret to Success…

Recently I was sitting at a table with my family and friends and someone asked me why it is so hard to accomplish certain things.  This particular topic was on weight loss, but it is bigger than that.  The question could have been, why is it so hard to be a good dad or mom…or why is it so hard to start a business, sustain a business, make a million dollars…essentially, why is it so hard to succeed or to accomplish my own goals.  After a lengthy discussion, I came home and put pen to paper and came up with the following reasons.  I hope they help you get where you want to go!

  1. Wrong Mindset – We fail because we do not really want to succeed.  We are afraid of our own abilities and our own success.  What happens when we go from being average to being successful?  What happens when we become one of those people who say…I want more and I am going to go out and get it?  Or what about when we truly commit to those weight loss goals and we become a completely new person because we grow in confidence.  We do not reach our goal because it’s hard and we see every obstacle as an impassable wall because going back to the way things were is comfortable and we just might not be able to accept what success really means!
  2. Discipline – It takes discipline.  It takes being able to say no to something in order to get something else.  There is a great line out there that says “We are afraid to give up something good for something great!” and that is the truth.  You have to let go and resist in order to get to the next level.  You have to give up sugar and walk away from certain foods that are your weaknesses if you want to lean up.  You have to show up to the gym if you want to gain strength and get better daily.  You have to give up the wants of right now, for the goal of owning a business tomorrow.  You have to have the discipline to make whatever your goal a priority in your life and that means some uncomfortable times in the here and now.  You have to choose wisely, my friends.
  3. Sacrifice – Along the same lines as above not only do you have to have discipline you have to sacrifice something.  Usually you are sacrificing comfort in this moment for the joy of success tomorrow.  Hopefully you are blessed with an amazing support network to help you to make these sacrifices and come through on the other side.  But you cannot make it to the top of the mountain if you are afraid of the risks that come with climbing and getting out of the valley.  Have to give up the known for that which is unknown.  No matter what you will grow!
  4. Honesty – You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and honestly assess where you are at.  You have to be honest with yourself.  If it is something that you can fix or accomplish in a month, great!  Get after it, but be honest if it is going to take time and give yourself that time.  Then during that time, have the right mindset, be disciplined and make the sacrifices necessary.  Don’t just think because you have a plan that everything is going to work out…you have to put that plan into action and be honest with yourself through all steps of the journey.
  5. Time – There are no shortcuts!  It takes work, it takes everything above and it doesn’t happen overnight.  It is that simple, there is no magical pill that makes you successful.  You define what success is, but you cannot define how long it will take to get there so be ready to grind and work to get there.  Get derailed…don’t stop…adjust and push on!

These are just my simple opinions…but they are things that I have seen out there.  I am not going to sugar coat this either…being successful or finding your greatness is rare because it takes all those things listed above to get there and most people are perfectly fine and comfortable where they are.  Be more, go out there and find your greatness!