Step Back…Breathe…Refocus

Coach Greg here with this little BodyLab CrossFit service announcement…

It’s ok to step back.  In life, in lifting, in anything.  It is ok to stop when something does not feel right and evaluate just exactly what is going on.  Our lives our built up of millions and millions of moments in time.  Some of those moments do not feel the best and we have to simply walk away from it, take a deep breath and refocus on what is important.

In the realm of CrossFit we talk about intensity being where results happen.  There is some truth to that, but not when that intensity is going to break us.  The intensity that we train with and attack life with has got to be something that we can maintain and drive us forward, not drive us into the ground.

The real results come not from the intensity, but rather through our ability to deal with the stress around and on top of us.  If the stress is too much, we break and results are lost.  We take a step back.  If the stress causes us to be uncomfortable and think in new ways where we come out victorious on the other side, then we adapt, we learn, and we grow.

On the board this week has been the following quote:

Just because you can, doesn’t make it a good idea

I put that up there so people would think about getting the best results from the actions they take.  Sure I can do Fran at 185, but that does not mean I will get the response that I am supposed to.  I will not make the progress that I need to.  I know when my position feels off on a lift…I can continue and hope that I get it, or I can stop, step back, breathe, and refocus on the task at hand.  I can minimize my risk of injury and increase my chance of success.

The same is true with life outside the gym.  I can stay up all night working, but that means that the next day I will be worthless in any meetings that I might have.  It is better for each of us to constantly evaluate the struggle, and see if it is in fact worth it.  We must all learn to step back from challenges, breathe, focus and then attack.

Refocusing also means that some times we need to add a little more stress into our lives.  We need to get outside of our safety nets and be bold.  Pick up the phone and call that new business opportunity, or put a little more weight on the bar because what we have been using is just a little too safe.  We grow because of stress and pressure.  We adapt to it.

So tomorrow or next week when you look at that workout on the board…step back, breathe, focus and find the results that you are wanting!