Success – The Not So Big Secret to CrossFit Success

Everybody wants a magic pill.  Everyone wants to believe that out there is a miracle program that brings miracle results.

This program does not work, so what I am offering today is the simplest keys to guaranteed success.

First show up.  Make it a habit to show up to the gym or wherever you are training.  Get there and be a part of the community that is there.  Build some bonds with the people you train with so that everyday is an appointment to train with them.  Talk to your coaches daily and get some feedback where you are at and make sure you are on the path to the results you want.  You might be sore or tired, but show up anyway.  Make your training (and your health in general) a priority and a habit.

Second be honest with yourself and your coaches.  If you are having a hard time walking because of all the squats you did the day before, speak up.  Don’t be a hero and try to push through something.  On the flip side, be honest with yourself when something feels too light and is not pushing you to get better.  Don’t settle for something that is easy or that allows you to win the workout.  You want to get better, not just win a workout.  Are you being honest with yourself when it comes to adequate recovery and adequate challenge, day in and day out!

Third, be coachable everyday and learn something new everyday.  Be focused on what is going on and what you can learn.  You should always walk away learning something about where you are at.  Whether that is something with your gymnastic movements or moving weight.  Be coachable and be engaged in what is going on.

The last piece of advice, brings us full circle.  Remember that we are on a journey.  There is not that miracle pill.  But the enjoyment is the journey.  It is not the destination, it is the journey that gives everything value and meaning.  We all want to help you on that journey and on that path to success.

So remember:

  1. Show up
  2. Be Honest with Yourself
  3. Be Coachable and Engaged
  4. Enjoy the Journey

See you at the lab!