Movement List and Thoughts

We have just a few spots remaining in this years shootout, so get your team together and get signed up.  As a way to help you prepare, here are a few thoughts on this competition.

Everything is about having a solid, well-rounded team.  In addition to that, each event will have a element that everyone can do no matter what their skill level.  That is why this particular event does not have a scaled division.  Each event promotes and encourages team work.

We will utilize max lifts, max holds, and max reps over time during this event.  Strategy will be on display as the day gets closer and closer.

This year, the movement list will include the following:

-clean (any weight)
-kb swing (53/35)
-atlas stone lift (40-225lbs)
-plank hold
-handstand hold
-rope climb (1 person)

So who should sign up to compete…anyone who likes training like Rocky (Outdoors, using whatever you have at hand!)

Register At the above link!

A Simple Outline of What to Expect…this year

Last year we had a blast with the Texas Shooutout.  This year, what will the competition look like?  Well, we learned a thing or two after last year and this year we are going to take that knowledge and put it into place.

This year we will once again be using the Team WODs and Floater scores to get you into the Final Four…then the scores are gone.  SO if you make it into the shootout everyone has a chance of winning the top prize.


What will the actual event look like?

We are not ready to release the events.  Sorry, we will release those the week of the Shootout.  The Final Event will be kept secret until the day of the competition.

This year we plan on having the team concept carry through every event.  The best TEAM will win.  We will force your team to be well rounded in all areas of fitness.  If you neglect an area of fitness, you will have to overcome it in another area.

This years events will be as follows:

2 Team Events (All four athletes participate)

3 Floater WODs (Each person on the team must complete one of the two floaters…so you pick your two person teams) The Floater workouts will require either 2 members of your team or all four team members to complete. If you have competed in the past, then you will have some ideas on how we like to plan these workouts!

From those 4 Events the Top Four Teams will be invited to compete in the Final Four Shootout (If anyone declines…then we will bring in the next team on the rankings)

Scores are erased!

The Final Four Shootout will consist of 3 Events.

After the first Shootout event; the team placing last will be cut leaving three to continue into event 2.  After event 2, last place team will be cut (based on event 2 only).

Final two teams will end up going head to head for the top spot on the podium and prize money.


Other Information:

Within the events you will have gymnastic elements, weighted elements, strong man elements and the obstacle course will be available for our use.  We are extremely excited about this years event and think that the changes we have made will make this a better team competition is our spin on the classic team competition.



Should I Enter the Texas Shootout…What Can I Expect?

Recently a few people have asked about if they should enter the shootout.  They were wondering about the necessity to be an “elite” athlete in order to be a part of this competition.  The answer is anyone should put a team together and come out.

The coaches at The BodyLab CrossFit work hard to make this event a great event for all skill levels.  We strive to put on an event where all components of fitness are tested, but also one that allows each member to be able to contribute to their team.  One of the ways that we do this is by trying to design WOD’s that allow each person to have a part in the workout.  That includes how we design and setup the obstacle course.  The teams that will perform the best at the Shootout will be those teams that are well-rounded.

Last year our first event was a Pull-up, Burpee couplet.  We understand that not everyone has their pull-up…it is a work in progress, but anyone can burpee.  We did not require each athlete on a team to complete the pull-ups.  They simply had to add to the team totals and help get all reps completed.  We also broke up our obstacle course in a way that any skill level could complete a leg of the event.  In addition to those two workouts, we had 4 floater WOD’s.  That was one for each team member to complete.  Some focused on strength…others focused on skill components.  One was simply having the ability to run.  After the two team WOD’s and 4 floaters…the top 4 teams were put into a final WOD.  That was the only WOD where all members had to complete all portions.  By that point, our team of competition designers, felt that we had the four best teams and they were ready to shoot it out for the top team.

So what can you expect this year?  This year we will follow a similar format, and we are designing the event with the same intentions.  There will be 2 guaranteed team WOD’s that all members will compete in.  All members will help in.  There will also be several floater WOD’s this year (think 2 or 4). After the points are tallied from those events we will welcome the final four into the shootout.  This year we will be wiping the scores clean for the shootout.  It will allow for a little more strategy during the events.  Those final teams will go toe-to-toe to stand atop the podium and claim the $1000 top cash prize.

So what are the keys to success in this years shootout:

We are truly hoping that the best TEAM wins this year.  You will need a well rounded team.  We strive to have a balance of events in place.   We do not want to cater to merely the strong or the bodyweight specialists.  You need people on your team that can lift heavy, but also people that can rep out body weight movements.  Skill components are important too.

In any competition as well come with an attitude to have fun.  We will make mistakes no matter how hard we try not too.  We strive to be fair to all competitors and part of that is coming with an attitude that win or lose, we are going to have fun.

Bring your cheering section.  We hope to have lots of spectators and you can help us with that.  Bring them out.  If they want to be volunteers of judges, encourage it.  We would love to meet more people from more boxes.

And the final key to success…is simple…if you want to succeed you have to sign up.  Don’t be afraid of competing.  Something got you started in CrossFit…take that same leap and give competition a try.

3-2-1-Get Some!


If you have any questions…email thebodylabcrossfit at

Texas Shootout Post

December 1, 2012 will be the Second Annual Texas Shootout hosted by The BodyLab CrossFit in Bryan, TX.

This contest is designed for all athletes and is a team event.  Each team must consist of at least one female competitor (last year we had an all ladies team and they were awesome competitors).  This is a great chance to be introduced to the competition scene.  It will feature two guaranteed team events as well as several floater WODs to determine the final four.  The final four will then compete for the top place on the podium.  The final event will determine the champion as the scores will be wiped clean once the final four are announced.  This will add to how you approach the competition.

We will once again have $1000 for the top team to split.  We strive to put on a competition that will allow anyone to compete and have fun but in order to take home the top prize you must be a well rounded team.  You will not walk out champion if you have only one strength.  We will be using elements from CrossFit, Strong Man, and of course our obstacle course will be in play.

After the competition is over, stick around for some beer and bbq.

We are excited to host this event again and hope to continue to be able to do so for years to come.

If you are ready to enter the shootout please register at: