Thoughts on the CrossFit Open

The open is almost over.  It is that final week and we have one more workout to be revealed on Thursday.  If history is any indicator be ready for Thrusters and burpees and it won’t be an AMRAP.

Some of us have enjoyed the workouts, some of us have cussed them and felt they were not a good indicator of where we truly are as athletes.  Speaking for myself, I have been frustrated as the rules of the game have changed from week to week or workout to workout.

BUT let’s take just a step back and see if maybe we could learn something from this adventure.  First and foremost it is obvious that many people are highly competitive and want things to fall their way.  They want to make sure that every domino that can fall in their favor does.  Whether it is a battle about muscle-ups at the start of the workout, pull-ups being a “scaled” element or anything like that…we all want something to help us win and be viewed as better than everyone else out there competing.  We look for loopholes in the system and want to tear it down so that we can build it back up in a manner that best suits our individual tastes.

Some people want more gymnastics, some want all gymnastics thrown into the heavens.  Some want more lifts and challenges on the platforms.  Others want new elements introduced and not the same 15 year in and year out.

To everyone I would encourage you to find a mirror and look in it.  I would encourage you to take a minute and really ask about the frustration you feel and see if it is because of the workouts or because you’re mad that a weakness was exposed.  Take a long hard look and see if you focused a little too much on what you enjoyed and tuned out a coach or advisor when it came time to work on those elements that you don’t dominate the gym at.

Or are you just not there yet?

It’s okay to need to keep working on getting from point A to point B.  It’s okay to be exposed and have weaknesses brought to the front of our consciousness.  We can all stop making excuses about everything and just admit that we are a work and progress.  And you will be next year when the Open rolls around.

Never stop growing and learning.  Never stop being tested.  It is good to have someone else design the test every once in a while.  It helps remove our personal biases.

Use the Open and the workouts to re-assess your goals and dedicate yourself to getting there.  Make the changes necessary to your training and your nutrition (why hello pot, I’m kettle).  Or find peace with where you are and move past the Open.  Move on, know yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished and what you want to accomplish moving forward.  If you want that pull-up, go get it.  If you don’t…let it die and go get stronger doing something that keeps you motivated.

I didn’t love the open, I didn’t hate it.  I just accepted it for what it was…a test.  It did what it was supposed to do, exposed the things that I did not know and things I needed to work on.

And now, I prepare to move on.  No anger, no frustration…it is what it is.  It’s time to keep pushing forward, I have more to accomplish and more work to put in!  See you all at the gym!