What Do You Want?

What do you want?  I am serious.  What do you want out of your training program?  Are you looking for gains in strength?  Are you looking to lean up for Spring Break and the summer?  What do you want the most?  and the BIGGER question, what are you really willing to do in order to get there?

Those are the questions that sit at the center of any fitness journey.  These are the things that must be answered about any adventure or endeavor we take on.  Where do we want to be at the end and what am I willing to do to get there?  That’s it.

All of us at the lab have different fitness journeys.  Some have always been into athletics and we know that we just have to suck it up and do what a coach tells us.  We have to eat what coach says, drink what coach says.  We have minimal problems with the you say jump, I say how high mentality.

And others of us, are trying to change some stronghold on our lives.  We are trying to break free of some obstacle that has kept us from enjoying life to the fullest.  For me (Coach Greg), I battled some cholesterol issues.  For others, just starting to work out, it a battle all its own.  We are trying to be active when we have not been for so many year.  Or maybe we are having to change the way we eat because we know the effects of poor nutrition.

But ultimately, it all comes back to those same questions – What do I want and What am I willing to do to get there?  So I challenge you today.  Sit down and answer those questions.

If you are so inclined put them in an email and send them to me:  [email protected]

Type them up, answer both of them and then hit the send button.  Even if you don’t train with us, tell us the goals you have.  I want to make sure I am paying attention as you reach them.  The lab wants to celebrate the steps you are taking.

It’s time to open up your email and let us know!

Send us your goals!