We All Need Reminders!

I am getting over being sick, so this one hits home for me.  I have a cough, I buy cough syrup.  My throat hurts, I get something for that.  My head hurts, I take tylenol or ibuprofen.  The list goes on and on and on.  So does that size of my bill to keep the old medicine cabinet stocked up.  And all the while, I am really doing nothing to remain healthy and stay there…why?

I am treating symptoms, and ignoring the root cause

As new symptoms pop up, I am taking care of those but really am not doing anything to treat the root problem.  Is it seasonal allergies or is it something I am eating?  Am I taking care of myself to the point that I should not be getting sick or am I letting life get the better of me?

There are three primary keys to remaining healthy that will help you with not having to treat the symptoms:

  1. Nutrition – Sorry but this is a biggie and probably the most overlooked when we get sick.  Are you eating the right foods and enough of them?  What about water?  Are you doing your best to minimize sugar intake?  Are you drinking more than a glass of wine a night?
  2. Exercise – Are you getting any?  Are you getting any activity in during your day?  Exercise combined with the proper nutrition is the key to staying healthy.  There are chemicals released during exercise that help aid in attention and retention of information so it is extremely beneficial for you to get your daily dose.
  3. Sleep and Recovery – If you are taking care of items 1 and 2, then you better be getting enough quality sleep and on a solid recovery protocol.  This is generally where I fail. I am pretty good about eating right and making sure I lift heavy things and lift light things fast.  But I am busy and I make a million excuses to stay up late and neglect a solid sleep and recovery routine.  And so here I am, today getting over something.
  4. BONUS – And here is a bonus item…STRESS!  What is your stress level like?  What weight (and I do not mean the good kind) are you carrying on your shoulders that you need to deal with.  Either you need to drop them and leave them where they are or deal with them.  Stress is a huge burden on getting quality sleep and weakens the immune system.

None of these are new things and most of us know this.  The reason that I am putting this out there is simply because we run from these simple truths.  We hide from the reality that just because we can take a pill to treat the symptoms we don’t need to worry about what it really underneath it all.

BUT today you are just battling a cough or a cold.  What are you going to do tomorrow when it is something that is much worse?  What happens when you are diagnosed with something, look back, and realize that making a few simply changes today could have prevented this?

Start small today and make simple gradual changes.  You will feel better and appreciate all the benefits as you move forward!

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